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Complete Hydration Intensive Aqua Gel
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Moisture Locking Technology
Intensive Hydration
That Heals Acne Scars

XeroMinus® delivers the ultimate deep tissue hydration with its exclusive
Moisture Locking Technology. This uniquely formulated skin replenishing
hydrating treatment is made from optimal ingredients so that it is oil-free
and easily-absorbed by the skin
. It works on multiple layers to calm the
skin and prevent further damage
without clogging the pores, while
boosting the renewal of skin cells to accelerate the skin's natural healing
process and fade acne scars

Skin Perfecting

Aqua Gel For Any
Type Of Skin

Damaged Skin

Renew dry,
damaged skin by
reducing flaking and locking in moisture
and nutrients


Maintain, restore
and transform skin
for softer, smoother,
more youthful

Moisture Locking

Exclusive Moisture Lock Tech to completely hydrate & rejuvenate skin, keep it moist & vibrant


Naturally lubricate
your skin's surface,
giving your face a
softer, smoother


Delay the aging
process by
encouraging your
skin cells to renew
and rejuvenate

Skin Healing

Recondition dry skin
& support the
renewal process
while soothing itchy,
irritated skin

Multi-Action Skin
Perfecting Formula

Its active ingredients penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to visibly
reduce the appearance of oil/sebum, locking in the much-needed
moisture and skin-benefiting nutrients. This will renew dry, damaged skin
by naturally lubricating the surface of the skin to reduce flaking and
soothe dry, irritated skin, thus leaving you with beautifully balanced
radiant skin that is visibly smoother and softer to the touch.

XeroMinus® with box

Maximum Thirst-Quenching
Aqua Gel For Any Type Of Skin

XeroMinus® is non-comedogenic, suitable for sensitive and acne-prone
skin, and clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy. It is the perfect skin
hydrator to super-charge the acne-combatting ComeMinus® and
AcneMinus®, as XeroMinus® soothes and protects your skin while it is
adapting and becoming acne resistant.

Restore Moisture
To Retain Youth

As years go by, the skin tends to lose its youthful appearance and begin
to display various signs of aging due to the exposure to a variety of
environmental aggressors, such as free radicals and the sun's ultraviolet
rays. At the visible surface, you will start to notice fine lines, wrinkles,
age spots, and a dehydrated, sagging complexion; below the surface
your skin structure changes and the aging process is accelerated.

XeroMinus® works on multiple layers of your skin to prevent this from
happening and minimises the impact of aging and environmental
. It saves your skin by hydrating and locking the moisture in
so that your skin remains plumped and youthful looking, while gently
nourishes, restores, and softens all skin types
, particularly in rough and
dry areas. The best part is that it does all these without clogging your
pores, leaving your skin feeling and looking rehydrated and supple.

Water-In-Oil Technology

XeroMinus® works synergistically on a
cellular level with skin's natural lipids using a
powerful Micro Aqua Binding Water-In-Oil
technology to visibly reduce excess oil on the
skin's surface. Water-in-oil emulsions are perfect for protecting and caring for dry and
dehydrated skin. They are recognised for a
wide range of benefits. The external oil phase
spreads more easily on the skin, and the
formulations are longer lasting with improved
emolliency and higher water resistant. They
also exhibit enhanced film barrier properties.

Micro Aqua Blinding
W/O Technology

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