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Complete Hydration Intensive Aqua Gel
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Can Xerominus® be replaced with moisturiser?
Certainly, Xerominus® works by creating a moisture barrier on the surface, which acts as a protection shield against the environmental aggression, preventing moisture loss and hence at the same time increasing the hydration of your skin by replenishing H2O into the skin.
What products in the market which has similar function as Xerominus®?
To our understanding in the market mostly uses emulsifying wax system for emollient. Xerominus® is by Moisture Locking Technology.
Is Xerominus® suitable for aggravated skin e.g caused by sunburn, rashes and cuts?
Definitely. Xerominus® establishes a protective acid mantle which soothes irritant and acts as germicidal while by replenishing H2O and Butylenes Glycol of Xerominus® effectively helps treat sunburn.
Can Xerominus® be stored in fridge?
Yes. It is recommended to store Xerominus® in the cold comfort of your fridge. There’s nothing more soothing than applying chilled Xerominus® on your cleansed skin. Plus it energizes you in the morning, helps brighten your skin, tightens pores, and allows skin care products to be absorbed into the skin more effectively which is always a good thing! Try to avoid direct sun exposure.
How long does Xerominus® Moisture last after each application?
That depends on individual’s skin condition. Should be up to 8-24 hours. You may re-apply when needed.
Who is Xerominus® suitable for?
Xerominus® is suitable for aged 12 and above, regardless male or female. In fact, it is suitable for all skin type, especially at tropical climate.
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