1-Bottle | 30ml
Complete Hydration Intensive Aqua Gel
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  • XeroMinus® customer review by Jeslyn Lee
    Jeslyn Lee
    I have used Comeminus , Xerominus and Acneminus for about 3 months. I use them in the morning to prevent blackheads/whiteheads and flaring up pimples. Comeminus is excellent to use on the day before moisturiser, sunscreen and makeup. It helps to control my oily skin and prevent new pimples from forming. My skin feels soft to touch especially in the morning after I rinse my face with water even though I applied everyday once in the morning only. Now i am into the 2nd bottle of using Comeminus and will continue using the whole range.
  • XeroMinus® customer review by Celeste Tan
    Celeste Tan
    I've suffered from acne for years and nothing I have tried seems to work, till I stumble upon Orique . Tried the Mnus Mini Kit-3 ... Solved my acne problems!! Really really happy with the products and I will definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to give it a try :)
  • XeroMinus® customer review by Dorina Toh
    Dorina Toh
    simply love the mini 3 trial set and really works for me as I have tried quite a few products. I am coming back for more cheers
  • XeroMinus® customer review by Jeanette Berdos Jamili
    Jeanette Berdos Jamili
    Bought the mini kit 3 for my 15 year old son. And it really works wonders. His pimple just subsides and his face is more clearer now. Good thing that I gave it a try. Super love your products. Thanks again for this.
  • XeroMinus® customer review by MalarChelvi Subramaniam
    MalarChelvi Subramaniam
    By using Orique within few days I can see drastic changes in terms of improved complexion and reducing acne marks. I will recommend this product to all those who has been wanting a beautiful skin texture.
  • XeroMinus® customer review by Stillmistry Febry
    Stillmistry Febry
    sebelumnya saya mencoba paket mini kit 3 dan 2 btl Ag factor dan 1 btl preventac hasilnya sungguh memuaskan,,wajah bersih dan kemerahan dikulit saya hilang yang dikarenakan penggunaan peeling dan krim malam/siang...apalagi dg Xerominus nya yang luar biasa cepat melembabkan kulit yang kering, ini sungguh hebat saya rasa saya harus membelinya dalam ukuran besarnya..terima kasih Orique :)
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