Hydrating Toner Mist
1-Bottle | 120ml
Deep Moisturizing Refreshing Toning Mist
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ORIQUE™ Toning Mist
Refreshing Tonic For Brighter,
Refined & Luminous Complexion

ORIQUE™ refreshing toning mist is a refreshing and moisturizing lotion
that is formulated with carefully selected herbal extracts to deliver
the benefit of natural plant extracts to effectively restore skin
moisture and pH
(potential Hydrogen) balance that is crucial for you
to maintain a healthy and flawless complexion.

Fight Acne

Boost Skin


Soften, calm and
soothe the skin,
leaving it
refreshed, refined
and rebalanced.


Provide a brighter,
more even and

Shrink Pores

Tighten pores and
work as a
decongestant, while
reinstating the skin's
proper pH level.


and work as an

Remove Impurities

Remove oil, dirt and
debris, as well as
residual make-up.

Gentle Formula

Gentle yet effective
toner suitable for all
skin types.

A Gentle Spritz For
A Lasting Freshness

It comes in an easy to use spray bottle for
quick and thorough application
. A few
gentle press of the nozzle instantly
refreshes your skin, leaving your face
feeling invigorated, soft and well-hydrated
as it binds water to your skin.

Condition &
Balance Your Way
To Flawless Skin

It is alcohol-free, non-drying and suitable
for all skin types
, especially problematic
skin as it helps to fight acne caused by
clogged pores
as well as reduces
blackheads and whiteheads


Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Aloe Barbadensis
Leaf Extract

Known as the "plant of
immortality" by old
Egyptian Royalty

What It Does For You

• Rich in antioxidants:
beta carotene, vitamin C & E
• Improve skin's natural
firmness & hydration
• Contain over 75 different
• Stimulate growth of new cells
• Fight acne & other blemishes
• Help skin heal & repair itself

One of the most
beneficial beauty
ingredients of all time

• Rejuvenate & revitalise skin cells
• Strengthen skin's outer barrier
• Infuse skin cells with
nutrients & water
• Fight environmental toxins
• Enhance skin regeneration
• Improve skin tone, texture &
fade dark spots

A remarkable
hygroscopic agent that
conditions the skin

• Keep skin soft & supple
• Help skin retain moisture
• Absorb surrounding moisture
• Help other active ingredients
better penetrate the skin

Virginiana Water

A naturally derived,
plant based skin
conditioning agent

• An effective natural acne
• Remove excess oil from skin
• Natural antioxidant, tonic,
astringent & purifying qualities
• Visibly enhance appearance of
dry & damaged skin
• Reduce flaking & restore

Sodium PCA
A completely natural
ingredient derived from
plants, fruits &
coconut oil

• A naturally occurring amino acid
• Extremely water absorbent
• Prevent skin cells from
losing water
• Deliver moisture deep into
the epidermis
• Reduce inflammation in the skin

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