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Essential Moisturization & Rejuvenation
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Essential Moisturization
& Rejuvenation

UltraMoist™ Pro-Collagen Complex Hygroscopic moisturizer is a multi-action
skin hydrator formulated with purified Bee Venom, RegeneCell™, Superior
Hyaluronic Acid(miniHA™) and Oryzanol Complex™ that can penetrate deep
skin layers to hydrate while rebuilding damaged cells, enhance skin's
natural brightness and elasticity, effectively eliminating fine lines
and reducing wrinkles as well as blemishes



Combining Nature & Science
Erasing Creases Of Time

Key Ingredients

Natural Purified Bee Venom
Hailed as nature's very own

What It Does For You

• Nurture natural collagen and elastin
• Firm skin to reduce fine lines & wrinkles
• Acne-fighting
• Promote blood circulation
• Natural & non-invasive
• Extremely fast-acting

New generation anti-aging &
youth-enhancing technology

• Excellent whitening effect
• Deep hydration
• Increase cellular activity & growth
• Repair damaged skin cells
• Improve skin barrier

Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
almost instantaneously

• Relax stressed muscles
• Reduce lines & crow's feet
• Maintain moisture & elasticity
• Promote tight, soft & supple skin
• High purity & safety

Oryzanol Complex™
Overflowing with antioxidants,
essential fatty acids, Vitamin E,
super Vitamin E

• Natural UVA & UVB filter
• Intense conditioning
• Counter all major free radical
• Repair damaged tissue
• Promote soft & smooth skin

Quench Your Skin With

The Best Hydrating Moisturizer

Hydration in
30 minutes
Hydration still
remains in 24 hours
(+16% if compared to placebo)
The perfectly rejuvenating formulation of UltraMoist™ is clinically proven to deliver a burst of intense hydration into your skin with a single application, and guarantees a significant improvement within just two weeks. It contains valuable ingredients that works together to binds water for optimal skin hydration. Every application leaves your skin visibly softer, smoother, and dewy with a natural glow, without causing breakouts or extra greasiness. It goes on light and absorbs quickly, smells and feels wonderful on your skin while leaving it fresh and calm for makeup or daily sunscreen application.
Natural Purified Bee Venom
Precious Poison

Nature's Most Powerful
Anti-Aging Secret

UltraMoist™ contains the highest concentration of the precious
purified Bee Venom that is perfectly balanced with multiple exclusive
active ingredients to produce the most effective results.

The Buzzing
Beauty Secret Of The Stars

Bee Venom took the beauty industry by storm when it was revealed
that household names like Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham,
Kylie Minogue, Gwyneth Paltrow
, and even the Kardashians swear
by this miraculous anti-aging ingredient to obtain their enviably
radiant complexion.

Bee Venom

This is because the venom contains unique proteins that affect skin cells and stimulates your natural immune system. Your body's natural defense mechanism will then start to produce a huge amount of collagen and elastin. This will heal the affected area, resulting in more smooth, plump skin with a pinkish radiance

How Bee
Venom In

Applying the same theory, UltraMoist™ takes away the piercing pain and swelling of the sting, but delivers to you all the wonderful benefits that Bee Venom has to offer. What makes Bee Venom so good for your skin is that it contains more than 21 naturally occurring components like replenishing proteins, peptides, key enzymes and amino acids. These components works above and beneath the skin surface, deeply nourishing and promoting cell regeneration, collagen formation, and renewal of damaged skin cells. They also work wonders in clearing and preventing acne!

More Valuable
Than Gold

It takes around 10 thousand bee stings or at least 3 large beehives to produce just 1 gram of Bee Venom, making this highly sought after ingredient literally more valuable than gold

It could easily be
8 Times the cost of gold

Precious ingredient

Limited to only the most exclusive
of luxury skin care products

& Eco-Friendly

Our source of pure and top-quality
Bee Venom guarantees a cruelty-free and
eco-friendly collection process, where the bees
are left 100% unharmed.


Anti-Aging Wrinkles & Lines
Fighting Effects To

Firm & Smooth Your
Skin In Minutes.

RegeneCell™ is the result of more than 20 years of professional fermentation technology. It makes the skin temporarily "loses memory", allowing it to "forget" the lines and creases. It is the perfect ingredient to rapidly boost the efficacy of the UltraMoist™ formula, as not only does it relaxes nerves and repairs the skin for significant anti-wrinkle effects, it also promotes the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen.


The Smallest Hydration Miracle With
The Biggest Skin Benefits,
Holds Up To 1,000 Times More Water

For Deep Skin Penetration &
Maximum Nourishment.

miniHA™ is the first and only generation of oligo sodium hyaluronate that can penetrate into the skin with an absorption rate reaching 69.5%, hydrating not only the epidermis, but also deep within the dermis layer. Sodium hyaluronate is a water-soluble form of hyaluronic acid created by scientist to increase stability and reduce oxidization. It is 3 times purer (more than 98%) compared to common HA, as well as of a higher cosmetic safety level.

Increasing plumpness, skin thickness and luminosity. It has been measured to have higher antioxidant activity than common HA, with superior free radical reducing and scavenging ability to effectively repair UV-damaged skin cells and slow down the skin aging process.

Oryzanol Complex™

A Centuries-Old Japanese
Beauty Secret Enhanced
By The Latest Technology

To Give You Skin That Natural
Suppleness & Glow.

Oryzanol Complex™ helps to multiply the benefits of UltraMoist™ as it is a very powerful anti-aging complex rich in biological actives, with healing and restorative properties that protect the skin from aging and external aggression. It is also known to reduce dark circles and under eye puffiness through promoting blood microcirculation, leaving the skin radiant with a natural glow. The molecules of Oryzanol Complex™ are very small, allowing more effective penetration of the skin.

See It to Believe It!
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