Calming Gel Cleanser
1-Bottle | 120ml
Deep-Penetrating Gentle Cleansing Gel
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ORIQUE™ Cleanser
Beautifully Healthy Skin Begins
With Proper Cleansing

ORIQUE™ gentle cleansing gel is a water-activated, soap-free, natural
surfactant daily cleanser
. It contains active natural cleansing agents that
effectively remove surface debris and penetrate deep into the pores to
eliminate excess sebum
, while helping your skin to retain its natural
hydration and essential nutrients


Faster Healing
And Minimises

Retain Moisture

Gently remove
dead skin cells,
excess oil & dirt
without disrupting
moisture barrier.

Cellular Purification

Dispel toxins on a
cellular level to
purify and cleanse
the skin.

Protect & Nourish

Help protect & nourish your skin, while reducing acne, blemishes, & other skin impurities.


Chamomile extract to reduce skin inflammation and prevent bacterial infection.

Perfect Prep

absorbency to increase the
effectiveness of
your skincare.

Fresh Afterfeel

Lightweight formula
with clean &
hydrated afterfeel
without tight
or waxy feeling.

Kind To Your Skin,
Tough On Impurities

Its gentle invigorating foaming action, paired with soothing chamomile
extract allows you to wash away all signs of impurities without leaving
your skin feeling dry and tight

Perfect Clean For Any Skin Type

The naturally moisturizing properties of the ingredients will reveal
clean, soft, blemish-free complexion
. ORIQUE™ cleanser is anti-irritant,
and suitable for all skin types as it is gentle enough for even the
most sensitive skin.

ORIQUE™ Cleanser | Perfect Clean For Any Skin Type

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Recutita (Matricaria)
Flower Extract

An organic compound
derived from the aromatic
white & yellow annual

What It Does For You

• Soothe and support the skin
• Natural emollient
• Antibacterial and
• Comfort irritated skin
• Improve skin's natural

Zingiber Officinale Root Extract
An organic compound
extracted from ginger

• Promote skin repair
• Reduce acne and skin
• Wrinkle busting super ingredient
• Natural stimulant to
increase circulation
• Improve skin's appearance
• Nourish complexion

PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate
A hydrophilic emollient
from coconut
oil-derived fatty acid

• Excellent skin conditioner
• Lubricate skin's surface
• Promote soft and
smooth skin
• Help remove impurities
and oil
• Purify while retaining
essential & healthy oils

Primary component of
essential oil extracted
from chamomile

• Repair dehydrated or
damaged skin
• Moisturize and restore
skin's suppleness
• Stimulate and promote
natural healing process
• Anti-irritant for everyday
damage protection
• Antioxidant to prevent
signs of aging

An organic compound
that replenishes &
restore the skin

• A potent humectant to
seal in moisture
• Maintain skin's water
balance on intercellular level
• Enhance skin's appearance
• Promote smooth and
healthy-looking skin

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