Calming Gel Cleanser
1-Bottle | 120ml
Deep-Penetrating Gentle Cleansing Gel
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What is the pH level of Orique Cleanser?
Why is Orique Cleanser suitable for all skin type?
Soapy cleanser is used for oily skin condition, moisturizing emulsion are recommended for dry skin and natural surfactant for sensitive skin are the common suggestions in the market. As Orique Cleanser uses natural surfactant from coconut oil with natural water soluble oil working as emollient with plant based soothing complex, it serves all purpose in one go.
If I have serious oily skin condition, can I use the cleanser 3 times a day?
Certainly, as a cosmetologist we don’t encourage over cleansing as cleansers will strip away skin protection’s acid mantle shield, however Orique Cleanser establishes the said protecting shield after each cleansing thus there is no contradiction.
Can Orique Cleanser be used to remove waterproof makeup on eyes and lips?
As most of the waterproof make up are highly densed lipid based, it must be solubilize by oil based remover. Orique Cleanser will not be able to remove the make up thoroughly.
I have acne problem, can i use other cleanser instead of Orique Cleanser together with Anceminus®?
Yes you may. However, we would recommend you to stick with cleanser under the same range, whereby in this case, the Orique Cleanser, which works hand in hand in to eliminate bacteria which may lead to skin infection, reduces acne, blemishes and other skin impurities. By keeping the skin pore free from radical, your skin can breathe easily and is less likely to become infected.
What makes Orique cleanser different from market brands?
Orique Cleanser detoxifies your skin without stripping away the essential nutrients compared to the rest of cleansers available in the market which strips away the skin protection acid mantle shield.
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