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1-Bottle | 30ml
Advanced Deep Regeneration Serum
MYR 250
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When Can I See Results?
You should start seeing results 36 hours after using UltraPeptide™. Our users have even reported a 50% decrease in wrinkles within the first day of using UltraPeptide™.
How Long Does Each Bottle Last?
If used as directed, each bottle will last you a full month.
What’s So Special about UltraPeptide™?
Until now, anti-aging-focused products weren’t targeted properly. They tried to tighten the skin with chemicals. UltraPeptide however works at the DNA level, stimulating the growth of new skin molecules, rapidly removing even the deepest, and most established of wrinkles by re- starting the production of collagen and elastin. It reduces the appearance of pores and lessens the visibility of redness and discoloration. This all-around approach is what makes it a much more complete product for the skin than other “age-defying” products you find on the market.
Aside from Removing Fine Lines and Wrinkles, What Else can it do?
On the very first day you use this product, your skin feels smoother and more moisturized, the wrinkles disappear right before your eyes. By the time the rest of its ingredients get down to work, you will experience the fading of discoloration and an overall firm feeling, as though years have been shaved off your face. The most amazing part comes last – your skin glows and brightens.
What are the Main Reasons for UltraPeptide™’s Fast Action?
UltraPeptide™’s principal philosophy is for the skin to resuscitate itself—feed the skin with the right nutrients for skin molecules to grow new skin. It is a complete system designed to treat and prevent the signs of aging. By combining five powerful ingredients into one system, UltraPeptide™ has created the most complete, most powerful anti-aging product available.
Does UltraPeptide™ contain any harmful Ingredients?
No, it does not. Many of the creams that focus on spots or discolorations use a dangerous ingredient called Hydroquinone. While some people claim that it works to fade discolorations, it has been banned in many countries for having dangerous side effects.
Where is UltraPeptide™ key ingredients manufactured?
Syn®-AKE and Syn®-TC are manufactured in Switzerland; TetraWhite (Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) is from Japan; Phytoresteromore® is from USA; and Tocomin® (Complete spectrum of Tocopherols and Tocotrienols) is from Malaysia.
Does UltraPeptide™ work for men and women of all ages?
UltraPeptide™ works best on wrinkled skin irrespective of gender.
Can I apply sunscreen and make up over UltraPeptide™?
Do I need to consult my Dermatologist or Doctor before using UltraPeptide™?
Like most skincare products, UltraPeptide™ is 100% safe and hypoallergenic.
Can pregnant women and nursing mothers use UltraPeptide™?
Yes, though you should always consult your physician beforehand.
How should I store the products?
Best to store in a cool dry place.
Can UltraPeptide™ treat hyper-pigmentation?
To answer this question, we have to define hyper-pigmentation. Skin may appear darker than normal and may be blotchy, uneven areas, or patches of brown to gray discoloration or freckling. Skin pigmentation disorders occur because the body produces either too much or too little melanin, a pigment produced by melanocytes. Increased melanin production, also known as hyperpigmentation, is often referred to as melasma (general term describing darkening of the skin), chloasma (discolorations caused by hormones) or solar lentigines (darkened spots on the skin caused by the sun). In addition, hyperpigmentation can be caused by skin damage, such as remnants of blemishes, wounds or rashes. UltraPeptide™ is formulated with 7% TetraWhite (TA), which is one of the highest in the market. Most well-known anti-pigment brands contain less than 2% of TA and are not as lavish due to the high cost of Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate relative to the more common, water-soluble Vitamin C. UltraPeptide™ works by inhibiting melanin tyrosinase or melanotropin and reduce or block some amount of melanin production. In addition, Phytoresteromore® kicks in by modulating hormones that cause chloasma.
Is UltraPeptide™ safe for long term use?
What are the common results for the UltraPeptide™?
Firming, Lifting, Filling, Brightening and Moisturizing.
I have sensitive skin that is easily irritated, can I still use UltraPeptide™?
UltraPeptide™ is hypoallergenic, meaning it has “below normal” allergic reactions.
How should UltraPeptide™ be applied?
Daily in the mornings and evenings.
How do you apply UltraPeptide™ for better and faster result?
Apply it near laugh lines, eye corners, temple, and neck area.
What is serum?
Serums is highly concentrated yet lightweight formulas that infuse the skin with moisture and nutrients. Unlike moisturisers which keep the surface layer of the skin hydrated, serums penetrate much deeper into the skin tissue (due to their tiny molecules) and have very potent ingredients (which can result in fast/powerful results). Serums are able to target specific concerns such as dark spots, fine lines, hydration etc... depending on what serum you choose. It helps those with dry skin as it allows the moisturiser to penetrate deeper into the skin and also helps those with oily skin as it can be used as a lightweight moisturiser at the same time.
SYN-AKE poison derived by using what kind of technology?
Syn-AKE is a synthetic peptide that mimics a key component of the snake venom from the Viper snake. Like any proprietary products, the technology is preserved by the owner of the patent.
As in some research, whitening skincare is not encourage to use. UltraPeptide™ effective for skin whitening, why is it so?
Whitening products have a tarnished history. The first whitening agent that came into the market long ago was hydroquinine, which was later found to have lots of side-effects and harmful to health. Some unscrupulous manufacturers (from less developed countries) continue to use it due to economic reasons. But whitening skin care products have come a long way. By far, the most effective whitening ingredient in the market is Vitamin C (TA) but due to its high cost, this cost factor deters even the most well-known brand from using this ingredient lavishly. To substitute TA, the industry have developed cheaper alternatives: hydroquinine, arbutin, kojic acid, retinoid (Vit A-banned in Malaysia).
Does UltraPeptide™ works for dark skin?
Generally yes. But if a person is born with very dark skin, the condition is set. We can only help to lighten complexion, not whiten it completely.
If individual apply sunscreen above SPF18, will it caused up to be ineffective? Or slow down the results?
SPF is to protect the skin from UVB and UVA rays as protection from external elements which will not affect UltraPeptide™ results. As a subject for discourse, SPF-18 is more than adequate for protection. Anything higher is actually detrimental to the safety of long-term health as most sun-blockers that claim anything higher contain nano-materials (which are dangerous, unregulated, and un-safe).
Does UltraPeptide™ contained collagen?
No. UltraPeptide™ stimulates the skin to reproduce collagen.
Is there any maximum age limit of a person who can use UltraPeptide™?
The older the better because it works best when the user already had wrinkles.
Can UltraPeptide™ be apply on acne, oily and acne prone skin?
People with oily skin have this distinct advantage (less wrinkles). Since our formula contains Vitamin E, oily skins may complain that UltraPeptide™ is oily but this is a subjective reaction because not everyone with oily or acne prone skins have indicated that UltraPeptide™ is unsuitable for their type of skin.
Does UltraPeptide™ helps for wounded, injured scars, acne scar or other scars?
Does UltraPeptide™ helps to prevent wrinkles and pigmentation from forming, or does it also helps to erase existing previous wrinkles and pigmentation?
Yes for future protection and for current damage. UltraPeptide™ is formulated precisely for wrinkles, small frown lines, and depleted collagen matrix and elastin that results from normal aging and damages from the sun and pollutants.
Can UltraPeptide™ be apply to armpit or cellulite?
Yes, you may apply UltraPeptide™ to armpit to lighten colours. Cellulite are caused by fats that caused surface tension on the skin. Using UltraPeptide™ will not alleviate cellulite.
While using UltraPeptide™, do i still need to scrub my face?
Dead cells will continue to accumulate on our face no matter what we slather on our face. Yes, if customer have this commendable habit of scrubbing their face then yes, please continue with the practice.
Does UltraPeptide™ helps for sunburn skin too?
Yes, for skin damaged by excessive exposure to the sun which results in sunburns.
Is it safe to be apply near eye and mouth area?
Try to avoid applying too near the eyes. Mouth is alright.
Will UltraPeptide™ improve yellowish skin?
Yes, but please advise to stop these practices (smoking, taking recreational drugs, living stressful life).
Does UltraPeptide™ contained Paraben?
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