Hydrating Toner Mist
1-Bottle | 120ml
Deep Moisturizing Refreshing Toning Mist
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What is the purpose of using toner?
Toners help finish off the cleansing process by removing excess dead skin cells, oil, soap and makeup. It also plumps up the skin and tighten the pores - this is especially important for those who live under humid/polluted environments because once the pores are open from using your facial cleanser, it may get clogged up very easily again if you don't use a toner to tighten/close your pores.
How do I apply Orique™ Toner?
Spritz onto the face. Cotton pad will only be recommended as a wiper for second skin cleanser.
Can I skip toner and apply skin care straight after?
Toner plays an important role in everyone’s skin care regime. Toner is very effective in deep pore cleansing, and help minimize pores and clears off skin impurities. We would say that toner is a daily essential.
What is the difference between Orique Toner and other toners in the market?
Orique Toner contains all the important skin beneficial elements. For instance we uses witch hazel as astringent instead of alcohol.
After makeup, can i use Orique Toner as mist to keep skin hydrated?
Yes. It works perfectly.
Is Orique Toner a fragrance, alcohol or paraben free toner?
It is alcohol free, but Orique Toner does contain DMDM Hydantoin at 0.08%. This a permitted amount and it’s totally safe for application.
Does Orique Toner helps reduce opened pores?
Certainly, as it replenishes moisture loss. H2O penetrates deep into skin cell, and expands the size of skin cell, creating firm & glowy skin texture, including skin cell around pores too, resulting in fine and closed pores.
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