Minus Mini-Kit 3
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Complete 3-Step Solution (Travel Pack)
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Where will blackheads disappear to?
As our formulation works as a bioregulator of sebaceous secretion, which decreases sebaceous lipogenesis, with anti-enzyme effect: inhibition of the 5α-reductase activity and consequently regulate the skin’s oil gland sebaceous excretion.
Does Comeminus® helps reduce clogged pores?
Yes. As it reduces the production of sebum, it will greatly reduce the forming of blackheads and whiteheads, thus reduces clogged pores.
How do i benefit from Minus Mini-Kit 3? What are the functions of Minus Mini-Kit 3?
Comeminus® helps clear and provides sebum control that causes oily, congested skin for a beautiful matte finish. Xerominus® hydrates skin under humid weather, eliminates flare-ups and prevents acne scarring by speeding up the skin healing process. Acneminus®, is an advanced fast-acting acne spot treatment
How long can a set of Minus Mini-Kit 3 last for twice a day usage?
It depends, but usually can last for 2 weeks. Some people may finish using it within 1 week.
Does this Mini-Kit 3 have to be stored in fridge for better effectiveness?
All skincare products can kept under normal room temperature.
Can Mini-Kit 3 help on hormonal imbalanced acne?
Acneminus® works well for all pimple & acne type occurred outer the skin. Meanwhile, bottom skin congestion has to be treated by Comeminus®. However topical skin treatment is for external usage only. We would recommend you, Praventac and Ag-Factor as both products explores the root cause of acne and helps cure them internally. Ag-factor™ enhances our immune system, balances hormones, and it’s good for the liver. Ag-factor™ is a precursor to glutathione, an important antioxidant that is produced by our own body in the liver and needed to break down toxic substances.
I have just started using Orique product and now I am experiencing breakout, is this normal?
Basically, the reason of you having breakouts after using Orique skincare, is because your skin has been congested all these while without you knowing. This is good for you to continue using for at least 2 weeks. Insufficient water intake, lack of sleep, stress from work or study and hormonal changes can contribute to breakouts too.
Do you have any other size for each product besides the Mini-Kit 3?
Yes we do! Mini-Kit 3 is for first timers who are skeptical but at the same time is also interested for a try out. We would recommend 3-Step Kit which consist of Acneminus® 18ml, Comeminus 30ml, Xerominus 30ml, after you find Mini Kit-3 satisfactory.
How long does Mini-Kit 3 stay good once opened?
Usually, we advise to use it within 3 months after open because the optimum result for skincare would be on the first 3 months.
Is there any money back guarantee?
Yes, we provide 15 days trial and if you're not 100% satisfied with our Orique Mini-Kit 3, simply return the unused portion for a full refund with terms and condition applies.
When can i see results?
Result varies between 7 to 14 days. It is a common knowledge that different people can get very different results with the same product due to the variations in individual’s body chemistry.
Does Minus Mini-kit 3 work for men and women of all ages?
Yes. Minus Mini-Kit 3 is suitable for those starting from age 12 and above, regardless male or female. But if you have any special skin / medical conditions please consult a doctor before usage.
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